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Withdrawing money to third-party payment methods

Last update: 24.02.2021

Starting January 1st, 2021 Ezzy changes the process of withdrawing funds to third-party banking details that do not match the data of the owner of the Ezzy profile, that is, yours. For example: you are John Smith, the owner of the account, and you want to withdraw money to the card that belongs to Mary Smith, your wife. And it can be done! But starting January 1st - in a different way.

At the request of our payment partners, the data of the account owner must match the banking details to which the funds are withdrawn. We have kept the possibility of transfers to third-party banking details, but changed the terms of transactions due to these requirements.

List of payment services that are subject to the new rules:

  • Bank card.

  • Bank transfer.

  • Payoneer.

The rules do not apply to all other payment methods available in Ezzy.

Rules for withdrawing funds to third-party banking details:

  1. Create an Ezzy account for the transfer recipient.

  2. Both accounts — those of the sender and the recipient — must pass the KYC account verification procedure, there you need to upload copies of official documents (passport/ID card).

  3. Add payment methods for withdrawing money to your profile.

  4. Sign the electronic version of the withdrawal agreement.

How do I send money to third-party banking details?

Message support with a request in any convenient way. Let us know that you are the account owner and want to send money to another person. The support manager will clarify a few points:

  1. Ezzy account owner, which will receive the money (first and last name).

  2. Whether the transfer is a one-time thing.

If the recipient of the payment does not change, you only need to sign the electronic contract once. If the details of third parties change during transfers, then you need to sign the document with each transfer of funds.

After that, the manager assigned to you will send the electronic version of the contract to the email. It needs to be signed by both you and the recipient of the money.

Transactions that do not meet the conditions for sending money to third-party banking details are canceled by managers.


Each case is unique, so any individual incident can be discussed with our support. We can always find solutions for extraordinary cases.

Is there a transfer fee?

The commission for sending money to third-party banking details is 1% of the transfer amount.

Why is my transaction canceled?

If the transaction is canceled, it is likely that one of the transfer conditions has not been met. There may be several reasons for this:

  • The account is not verified.

  • The contract for withdrawal to third-party banking details is not signed (the transaction takes place for the first time).

  • Third-party details differ from those specified in the contract.

If you have any questions, please contact the support: [email protected]

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