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Additional services

Last update: 23.03.2021
  • SUBTITLING: original language subtitling and delivery of *.srt files that can be added to YouTube

  • SUBTITLES TRANSLATION: subtitles translation into many languages upon request and delivery of *.srt files

  • AUDIO LOCALIZATION: creating voice-overs in different languages upon request and delivery of *.wav files

  • CONTENT ID: we will add your videos to Content ID system so you can earn more from re-uploads of your content, adding of one video 

  • THUMBNAILS DESIGN: you are welcome to order a catchy thumbnail created by our experts

  • PERSONAL MANAGER: enjoy personal care experience - we will provide a dedicated manager who’ll be in touch almost 24/7 

  • OPTIMIZATION: we will deal with your videos metadata to bring better organic reach

  • CHANNEL AUDIT: our experts will audit your channel’s analytics, videos metadata, thumbnails and will give you elaborate analysis and list of possible improvement

  • GOOGLE ADS CAMPAIGNS: launch and optimization of your Google Ads campaigns to reach your target audience

  • METADATA OPTIMIZATION: our experts will localize your titles and descriptions into different languages to reach more audience who don’t speak the original language of your video

  • PUBLISHING: we will combine metadata optimization, thumbnail design and possible metadata translations, schedule the date and time of your video publishing

  • FULL MANAGEMENT: we will run your channel by ourselves - just send us your videos and we will do the rest: full circle of preliminary work to videos scheduling and more

  • CHANNEL ART + LOGO: we will create personalized logo and channel art for your channel upon your request

  • THUMBNAIL TEMPLATE: we will create a Adobe Photoshop template that you will be able to customize and use for your future videos

  • ANIMATED INTRO: we will create a dynamic animated intro for your channel

  • ANIMATED ENDSCREEN: we will create an animated 20 sec endscreen that will match your channel branding

Prices for the additional services are provided upon request. Contact us for more info.

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