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Balance of the user of Ezzy

Last update: 02.03.2021

As a company engaged in content monetization, advertising, licensing and creating other methods of earning for bloggers, we pay great attention to the transparent movement of money between the creators on the one hand and Vidgum - on the other.

That’s why we create a unique experience that helps Ezzy users manage their income. You decide whether to withdraw all the money at once or keep for later, maybe withdraw through different payment methods: 100$ through the PayPal, 400 - through the bank transfer and 200 on Yandex.Money. Everything is in your hands!

In this article, we will tell you what the balance is, what it consists of and what can you do with it.

Before we start exploring the new interface, let’s clarify the key terms.

Balance - the amount of money available for Ezzy user at a present moment consists of funds and credits.

Funds - the amount of money actually earned and received from YouTube for advertising and paid features on user-owned channels. These amounts are calculated based on monthly reports from YouTube Reports.

Credits - the number of funds that a Vidgum user can use at the moment, but it is not supported by a real money transfer from YouTube and is an indicative credit forecast based on YouTube Analytics. Thanks to the credits you can withdraw money every day! Credit funds can be used with the retention of a commission of 2.9%.

Express-payments is a new payment system for the creators that gives more options in managing the income.  Vidgum feature: you can withdraw the money from your account every day, without expecting Google reports. 

Balance card on the user’s profile


The balance card of the user is divided into two areas:

  • Info area - displays information on the current state of funds and the number of loans and funds in them.

  • Operations area - including possible operations with balance. At the moment, it is an opportunity to withdraw funds or part of them to any of the available payment systems, but soon we will give you more opportunities to manage your money.

Balance card for withdrawal


Balance card for withdrawal is divided into 2 areas as well:

Dark - contains the same view as the profile card, with the difference that in this case it is not clickable

Light - contains 4 fields:

  • a field in which the user can enter the amount he wants to send to his account in different payment systems or banks.

  • field with the payment system to which you need to withdraw funds, which contains the name of the payment method and account.

  • fields for calculating fees for the use of express payments. On the left side of this field the amount of the commission for the withdrawal of credits is displayed, and on the right - the calculation of this amount. We draw your attention to the fact that the system is built in such a way that it does not use loans if the amount you request can be covered by funds. Thus, we make sure that you use loans only when it is really necessary.

  • field with the amount of transfer to your account in the payment system, taking into account the commission for the use of credits. We draw your attention to the fact that in this field commissions of payment systems or banks are not taken into account and the final amount credited to the account may differ from that displayed in this field.

The "cancel" and "transfer" buttons to cancel or confirm your action.
Payment is carried out withing 2 business days.

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